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This new habit of celebrating our unique self takes daily practice and awareness. So start today and let go of self limiting beliefs, because I believe you can write that book and you need to believe you WILL write that book and get it published and visualize it being a success — whatever that means to you. In my Goals book and in the Mind Body Soul Journal there are links to my website and meditations that I have recorded to help you move forward.

I have a chronic pain condition and I use meditation a lot to centre myself and move forward with projects, whether they are books and I will spend hours cramped over a keyboard or filming an new series where I could find myself on a windswept mountain in the snow for hours.

This meditation is about starting, give it a try here. Stop with social media. Call it a digital detox, an unfollow Friday or just unplug from the constant distraction and start to follow your own heart. Whatever is holding you back, start now to create a clean fresh slate. Clear any distractions that are holding you back and set yourself an achievable goal. Not everyone can write a thousand words a day, not everyone can even manage one hundred, but thinking time is as important for writing as writing time.

Give yourself space, try and write as often as you can. Steps 3, 4 and 5 will follow in Part 2 of this article. Her new book is called Mind, Body Soul Journal is a timeless journal, beautifully illustrated with pages for monthly journaling that will help you find more meaning and fulfilment amidst the chaos of daily life. Andrea has a passion for health and wellness and is a trained clinical hypnotherapist, Bethany grief minister and Spiritual Director.

Her free meditations and hypnosis are available at www.

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About Mind, Body, Soul Journal:. This timeless journal, beautifully illustrated with pages for monthly journaling, is an indispensable companion if you want to live a more focused, positive life. A practical workbook designed to help you find more meaning and fulfilment amidst the chaos of daily life, it contains a twelve-step, month-by-month strategy that creates space for introspection and self-discovery so you can gain a renewed sense of freedom and fulfilment.

Lovely book … a spiritual Filofax. I absolutely recommend it. Set a satnav for your life by following this practical journal and unleash the best version of you. A blueprint for creating the life you want in this powerful and authentic spiritual guidebook.

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