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Get started. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention charlotte mason children through literature living books books for children great resource children have loved the books many different books library titles guide wilson fiction lists topics age chosen descriptions moral recommendations twaddle.

Showing of 24 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. An excellent resource of quality books for all ages. I did not grow up in a home where reading held a high value, and I never developed a love of reading. Although I was an excellent student through college, reading has always been difficult. I now have grandchildren, and am changing that legacy by making sure they have lots of good books to read and reading to them every opportunity I get.

This book gives recommendations for specific age groups, and so far, every book I've purchased has been a loved book that my grandkids want to have read over and over again! There are hundreds of thousands of titles for children's books, and our children will only be able to read a limited number of these throughout their childhood years.

So, don't waste time on the losers in the bunch! Every home library should have this book from which to START the process of enriching children through literature. There is certainly plenty of twaddle to read out there which is of little or no value to our children This is often what kills a child's desire to read. Many books today are poorly written with confusing characters and lacking a protagonist. Many times there are no character building moral values imparted!

This little handbook is great for helping us parents and teachers ensure that the best of children's literature is not left behind when our children are beginning their reading experiences. This book will inform you about children's books which you never knew existed. Most books assigned for our children to read are actually chosen by people who know next to nothing about the options in children's literature.

I am reminded of the little book store owner in "You've Got Mail. His staff knows no more about the books on the shelves than the shoppers! Shopgirl knew all the best children's literature and was able to guide her customers through the process of choosing rich reading Choose books which have characters to aspire to, stories to imitate, life lessons to be learned, all while fertilizing the seeds of each child's natural imagination!

Love the in depth descriptions of the books. Fantastic and essential if you are homeschooling. Helps avoid twaddle! Good resource when your kid is tired of the books in the school library. Complete resource with titles, synopses, and age relevance of books to treasure, to read and be read to; well organized. Very helpful as a Children's librarian.

A tremendous help in finding worthy books for children. Wilson gives good descriptions, more than just a thumbs up or down.

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You did such an amazing job with your outreach! I love it when we get creative with our marketing approach. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful additions! I wish you so much continued success, Brigitte!

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Thanks for the informative article, Eevi! My husband and I are writing and illustrating our first chapter book for kids and your book has been a HUGE help! It is so wonderful that you get to help others bring their dreams to life and we truly appreciate you sharing your experience, knowledge and passion!

Oh, I love hearing that you find my book valuable, Shearin!

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Thank you so much for your wonderfully kind words! Great article Eevi! Lots of different avenues to pursue. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have found school visits to be a whole lot of fun, even though it is sometimes hard work getting into schools. You can usually arrange to sell your books on the day or better still send out pre-order forms, so you also get a nice little sales spike.

Some schools have even paid for my visit! I love that you brought up the connection with teacher librarians, as they truly are a key element when it comes to a successful school visit. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, Russell! Thanks for this great article. I will be looking at some of these suggestions in more detail. Thanks for the article, Eevi! Have you had experience with Goodreads since they began charging for the giveaways? Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks so much for this question, Gavin!! I have, and the number of entries has actually increased. Now that Goodreads is charging, less people post giveaways fro their books, so there are fewer for readers to enter into. It definitely cleared up some space and makes your book more visible. Hope this helps, Gavin! Hey Eevi, thanks for the info.

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I write adult fiction and wondered if you had advice on how to make a book trailer? Do you hire that out or can you make one? Many thanks, Amy. Hi Amy! I create all my book trailers myself I created the motion graphics studio LoewenHerz-Creative , so you can definitely try creating your own. There are great sites out there, like Goanimate or Animoto if you want to diy.

As an alternative, you can also find people on platforms, such as Fiverr and Upwork, to create one for you. Under 60 seconds-trailers do best. I hope this helps, Amy! Thanks so much for commenting! Thank you so much for sharing great marketing ideas for my genre! Have you done a Skype visit? If so, would you recommend them? Hi Alissa! Skype visits are excellent and I definitely recommend it!

So definitely give it a try. Wishing you so much success, Alissa! Thanks so much for writing this helpful article with actionable steps and lots of great ideas. I know I will end up developing a better launch plan for my book thanks to you so generously sharing your knowledge and experience.

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You are so very welcome, Susan! And thank you for your kind words! I wish you a very successful launch! However challenges may be faced especially when one do not follow the right channels or tips to quicken this. There are tips which can be relied on to simplify the marketing of the children books. Some of the ideas which can be used may include.

Branding of the books is among the best ideas that one can use. The books like most children products needs to be very attractive. It requires skill and patience and a lot more. A few tricks here and there can help one get there. Many people get to this point and give up because it is a true challenge but for those in the know-how, marketing books online can be done successfully and has actually been done.

Here is how to market a book online at Your First 10k Readers. When you find yourself constantly having creative narratives weaving in your head, then writing a book is an ideal option. At first, starting can seem difficult, but as soon as you start, it will be hard to make a stop. The following are the tips by Your First 10k Readers.

icibuxewut.tk's Your Favorite Book About a Kid Who Loves Science?

This is my very frank assessment of not only the advice written here which is generous and expansive but of the advice industry that forms around self publishing. Soon as I launched I realised within seconds you are completely invisible and having read the likes of David Gaughran I know why. Hi Paul, Thanks so much for you comment, and congratulations on your newest How To Draw book for kids! I so understand what you mean, Paul! But you have a big advantage, Paul. You mentioned you you have been traditionally published before. Did you set up a lead-magnet in your previous books?

I like it very much. Thanks for sharing such a great post. If you are looking for online free books to read,then we provide them. Wonderful post!!! Love it. Thanks for sharing for such a awesome post. If you are interested in free ebooks for kindle, then we provided it and feel so happy to help you. Thank you for sharing some pointer on how we could market and sell some books at the same time. This is very helpful strategies that we can also adapt. Wonderful article. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. Now I need to figure out how to make the most of that as far as sales go. Thanks again.

But if only you do your job correctly. Therefore, for you to achieve that, you should employ the […]. Thank you for this article! I published my first early chapter book in September and I am looking at publishing my second one in February, but I want to do better with my promotions this time. Thank you again! Hi Eevi. It takes licensed timeless music and puts those stories on the pages. Plan on using your tips to help grow my brand!

Thank you Eevi for having whole information and not just partial information on what and how to advertise and market your book. She is being launched within the next couple of weeks and can be found on amazon under my name. Hi, great article. Do you recommend starting with a hardcover o paperback version? Thank you for such a positive amount of information.