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The first 50 or so pages of this very book are all about gates between the real world and various topsy-turvy-lands…the sort of places one could only access by, say, an ivory gate. And there is even a character named Ivory here. Also, like Aeneas, Alyssa is granted a vision of her descendants. Let him GO , Al. Earlier I was complaining that Jeb really drags this series down, and would need to either not exist at all or be a very different character in order not to.

But even his continued, obnoxious, unchanged existence I could tolerate if only it had ended differently. Because Alyssa rashly makes an unbreakable magic vow to Jeb that he will be her first husband, and she will return to Texas as soon as possible to grow old at his side. Everything her real country needs from her—such as her being Queen and bringing them an heir with both human and Netherling powers—can wait fifty or sixty years.

How very selfless of her. To be a hero, Alyssa would have to grow up and put aside childish things. She has to release him. Either that or make the wrong choice, go back with him and her parents and forget Morpheus and Wonderland. This is not an attack on Howard. Plenty of wonderful authors have done this—Jane Austen, L. Montgomery, J. Rowling and Rick Riordan among them. Montgomery destroyed the character of Dean Priest because he was based on her husband, and she wanted to pair the autobiographical Emily Starr off with Teddy Kent, a. Riordan set up a love triangle between Luke Castellan, Annabeth Chase, and Percy Jackson, which he solved by forcing Annabeth to friendzone Luke while he died in her arms.

Aragorn would age and die, but she would not. Her children would also age and die, and she would linger as some kind of shade, only dying after many long years. Some might argue that Alyssa makes the same choice as Arwen, but Alyssa actually makes the opposite choice. She got to stay with her beloved Aragorn, but at the cost of her immortality and her entire people.

She gave up the familiar and comforting to stay in a changing world hemorrhaging of magic, and help her husband and friends keep it in order. She became deeply acquainted with grief. This was dumb in The Hero and the Crown , too, but at least Aerin made sacrifices and felt obligated to marry Tor for the sake of Damar. Also Tor wasn't a jerk. Frodo loses a finger, goes home traumatized, and eventually has to leave Middle-earth. Galadriel and Gandalf refuse the One Ring, lose the power in their own rings, and sail away with Frodo after becoming obsolete.

Elrond gives up not just his ring and his kingdom, but his daughter. Faramir cedes the throne of Gondor to Aragorn. Everyone is willing to die so Frodo and Sam can accomplish their mission, which those two know they will not return from. By then he has also lost both his mentors, the aunt and uncle who raised him, and his hand. Morpheus has always relied on his magic.

For the bulk of this book, he is stripped of his powers and has to rely on the person he hates most for survival. He also knows what his wife will do when he dies and marries her anyway. But Alyssa gets everything on her own terms. She wanted both , both boys, both lives, and she got them. This beautifully-written series could have closed with a powerful message about coming of age. Instead it goes out with the whimper of teenage wish fulfillment.

What a missed opportunity. And we have come to an end. Well, actually I'm going to read the novella after this book called Untamed and there is a small ebook out but not sure when I'm going to get to that one. Now that the battle was fought on the human side, Alyssa must travel to AnyElsewhere. This is the place she ended up banishing Jeb and Morpheus and she did some other things but you can read about that in the book. Alyssa's father also goes with her after he remembers his part in the story line.

And more craziness e And we have come to an end. And more craziness ensues. Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you're at! Up above the world you fly, Like a tea tray in the sky. When Alyssa and her father find Morpheus and Jeb - things are weird. Jeb is mad of course, when is he not, and things are just too weird. A lot of it has to do with Jeb's painting, that's all I'm saying. Alyssa has to right her wrongs, fight Red some more and make sure she is the rightful queen. She must save both the human world and now Wonderland from the destruction she caused at Prom.

I enjoyed this book very much. I wasn't expecting that ending at all, but I have read an ending like that before. I was actually very pleased and sad at the way it ended. That sounds funny doesn't it, but that's just the way it is in this crazy world A. Howard created. And this book seems to be a little more complex than the other two but they are all good.

Oh and Jeb didn't get on my nerves as much in this book, thank goodness! View all 6 comments. Dec 21, Hailey Hailey in Bookland rated it really liked it Shelves: owned , fantasy , retellings. Video review to come. View 1 comment. I vented and ranted to a few of my friends hoping that would make me feel better, but even now, every time I think of this book I get in a bad mood. I really liked books one and two and I was so excited, and nervous for the final book. Final books are always scary. Final books involving a trilogy?

Knowing that there is a good chance your Team might not win at the end? I know what you must be thinking. I kind of wish it were as simple as that… I was annoyed by this story as a whole, not just the ending. We have the love triangle, which of course means that some back and forth between the MC and the two guys competing for her heart is expected. I was not a fan of the way this was pulled off in this case. I understand being indecisive.

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I understand being attracted to both Jeb and Morpheus. Feelings, yes. Love, no But we have the same back and forth with Alyssa and Jeb and Morpheus that we had in the last book. She loves Jeb, yada yada. But she has a past with Morpheus, yada yada. She wants to be with Jeb, yada yada. But she also wants to be with Morpheus, yada yada. But how can she betray Wonderland?

How can she betray the prophecy that will save Wonderland? The world, like always, is pretty freaking awesome! Jeb is… different not bad different. The human world or Wonderland? Alyssa got on my nerves so bad in this book! When she and Jeb find a way to forgive each other and work things out, she agrees to marry him and spend the rest of her life with him.

But later on, while she is still engaged to Jeb, she lets Morpheus kiss her more than just a simple or quick kiss. Alyssa ends up telling both guys that she loves them both and wants to be with both of them. And they are okay with it! You know, because they love her so much. Who would ever be okay with this in real life except swingers??? Their solution? Alyssa spends her human life with Jeb. They get married, have kids, grow old together and live a long and happy life. When he dies, she goes back to Wonderland. Sorry, but that is such a fucking cop-out!

Honestly, I would have preferred if Alyssa would have just decided she loved Morpheus more and ended up staying with him. I would have been sad for Jeb, but oh well. Every single minor character has its own unique voice. I love when I can already tell which character is talking, just by the different tone the narrator uses.

A fabulous performance! View all 9 comments. That gut wrenching shattering noise? Well, that would be the sound of my heart breaking. The sound of my love for this series withering. The sound of death and unfulfilled dreams. The sound of darkness and gloom. Shadows and sorrow. Misery and grief. I would have so made it as an actor. Ok, lets get real. This was not what I wanted. This was not how it was supposed to end. Hell NO! This has basically been my rant for the entire series and I will keep ranting about it every time these books are mentioned.

Funny thing is , I mentally prepared myself to go into this unbiased. I didn't want to choose sides because that is-more often than not- the start of my hatred for a series. The Grisha Trilogy. So here I go in, thinking "I can do this. I can get over Morpheus". At least that was what I keep telling myself. But you know that little voice inside your head?

The one that tells you to shut the hell up when you start spouting shit? Well, that little sucker was on full blast. Morpheus appears and all shit spouting ended! I can't help it. He is the reason we all read this. He's the character who makes the series. And then he starts to make us swoon and all I could think was ways the author could kill off Jeb. But back to that in a sec. As for the plot, I'm not the biggest fan.

The triangle overshadows everything that resembles a plot. As for the hints of plot we do get in the story, it's excruciatingly slow. Turtle paced, slow motion slow. As for the scenery, it's not that bad. I mean, it's no Wonderland but at least it isn't the mortal realm again. Then we have The characters: First let's us start off with the bane of my existence , aka JEB and his everlasting woe is me, spending the majority of the story being a standoff-ish ass. He is the most whiny self-centered prick in all existence.

He should have done us all a favor and jumped off a cliff. Or run into a sword. Or skateboarded into a bus. Or jump into shark infested water, or better piranhas. You get my drift. This guy is condescending, and sexist with his inability to see Alyssa as a strong female who can take care of herself. She's a Queen, you irrelevant waste of human space!

I feel he cripples the magnificence she could be if she were to choose to be full netherling. You remember that strong female lead in the first book that happened to make a disappearance in the second one? Well, let me just tell you, she's still in the missing person's ad. Jack shit! I found her weak and indecisive. I mean, she's supposed to be The Queen of Wonderland and she just came across as some lovesick teenager. And yes, you don't have to tell me, I know she's in her teens but all she thought about was Jeb this and Morpheus that and gave little thought to Wonderland.

It really made me question her a character. And no excuse, I wasn't that dimwitted as a teen. Maybe only a smudge. And finally we have glory and deprecation, sunlight and shadows. The reason we all come back. He's that special oomph a lot of books need and never find. He's complex and layered. And I feel he always stays true to this character. He's still manipulative and cunning but that is what draws me. And man did I swoon with Warner.

But Morpheus? He is another level on his own. The things he said? Seriously he had me pausing and kissing the pages. Yes I kiss my pages, they need love ya know? So my main problem -yes, besides the sheer existence of Jeb- was that ending. I felt cheated. I remember praying, because yes I even pray for good endings, that we would be graced with an epilogue. You know, a pretty little bow that ties everything neatly together. You know what they say Dude knows what he's talking about :P I can't even bring myself to say I'm surprised.

This is exactly what a friend and I were talking about when we read Unhinged. I don't know Sometimes it sucks to be right. So in the end, it's not as horrible as I might paint it. Maybe if I hadn't gone and picked teams I would have left fascinated. But where's the fun in that? I expected to be blown away but not even a gust of wind came my way View all 46 comments. Jan 27, Yassie rated it really liked it Shelves: owned-ebooks , reads. As long as Ivory's vision is fulfilled, I won't care about anything else! View all 15 comments. Feb 09, C. Drews rated it it was amazing Shelves: magical-fantasy , 5-star , best-of , read , young-adult , retelling.

Off you pop. Just go read it and not my review because I'm not going to be saying much intelligent here anyway. There will mostly be a fangirling, b crying, c screeching, and d over usage of Alice in Wonderland gifs. Let's get into it, shall we? Obviously the only reason we read this book is to find out who Alyssa picks: Morpheus or Jeb?

I'm an aggressive Morpheus shipper. Not being he's badly written, but because he's over-protective and squashes Alyssa and doesn't believe in her. He'd tell her not to fly in case she dies. Morpheus will literally push her off the cliff and tell her she can fly. Yes, Morpheus is an evil manipulative crazy narcisstic adorable moth I'm ahppy. I'm happy because I think it was exactly what the characters woudl do.

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AG Howard stayed true to the characters. Omg, It's so hard to talk about this without spoilers. Don't open the spoiler section if you haven't read Ensnared or I will thump you. Alyssa would pick Jeb for his mortal life and then after she grew old and he died, she would return to Wonderland and be with Morpheus for eternity.

I get why people would be slightly outraged It's almost like the author couldn't decide. I think the author stayed true to the characters gah, I keep repeating that, but it's just what I think, yes? Morpheus agreed to wait 80 or so years. He didn't ahve to. And Jeb agreed to know that when he'd die, Alyssa would live forever with Morpheus. He agreed to it. I'm happy that Alyssa got both the guys. It sounds like a harem, but but but Wonderland is such a beautiful, feral and awesomely described place. I was sucked into this book.

I was so engrossed. I had to read a little slower usually my speed is like super-super fast so I could catch all the detail, but I loved it. I loved the attention. I loved the vivid writing. A lot of the book is set in AnyElsewhere It's like some sort of hellish version of Wanderland. It was gorgeous and freaky and nasty and entrancing. The threesome were epic as always. I actually have a ton of respect for him after this book, and I really admire his sacrifices and what he went through and the pain and his artistic side. Like seriously, how many books are there about guys who would punch as soon as look at you, AND are wickedly talentedly artistic??

It's awesome. Jeb's attitude bugs me They actually come to an understanding. As for Alyssa, she let's out her wild cruel streak and does quite a few questionable things. She's still a bit of a fainting damsel, but I don't even care. Alyssa is a hero. She's amazing. She's the kind of heroine I want to read about.

The parents are in the book but they mostly got ditched. I'm not complaining Though her dad is rather awesome. It couldn't be more perfect, really. The ending is satisfiying but leaves me crying because I want mooooore. I will miss Wonderland like nothing else. He was so perfect from beginning to end. Snarky and quirky. I love his clothes too. Can you imagine what he's been through?

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  • The nightmares he's had to relive and accept as reality over the past few hours? Must've been unbearable, realising how much the woman he adores loves him back. Sit up here so I can fix your ear. I have a painting to finish. I wonder how long they've been holed up here together. For the entire time they've been trapped in this realm?

    Please look at me. Even more unsettling than seeing the guys on the same side of anything is having them gang up on me. You should've seen the atrocities he tried to put me in those first few days. He didn't let me have a say until I walked around naked for a few hours. Should you decide to employ that strategy, I'll be behind you one hundred percent. Or in front of you. Lady's choice. Yada yada yada. The cliche is kind of boring. And trying to predict which one of us might get burned first is far from boring, luv.

    If I weren't already head over heels for you, that stunt would've pulled the rug out from under me and left me flailing flat on my back. Give me forever. We will wreck such beautiful havoc together. On the other hand, your portrayal of a brainless wind-up numbskull was spot on. View 2 comments.

    I get it. And after reading the book, I understand the angst, anger, and everything in-between. Feel free to disagree with me. As you can probably guess, this is what happened to me before I even got my hands on the book. I knew right then the ending was going to be one of the best things to ever happen or one of the worst and will completely ruin the series for me.

    As if waiting for that signal, he releases my hands, cups my face, and whispers in my ear. We will wreak such beautiful havoc together. Sure, a little. But also, I get why Alyssa made the decision that she did. I really do and my opinion of her has changed because of it. The ending is very, very unique, and, honestly, one heck of a gutsy move. I can only think of one other book that had a very similar ending, and just as I did not have a problem with it then, I do not have a problem with it here. Jeb and Morpheus were right there next to her and gave her their blessing.

    They saw their options, and all three of them of them understood and were okay with their choice. Again, how is this not obvious? Alice is one of my favorite childhood characters and if an author ever tries to do a retelling of it and fails, I have no mercy. I will rip that book apart with my teeth. I can offer you the security you desire. Yes, we will quarrel incessantly and fight for dominance. And yes, there will be ravishes of passion, but there will also be gentle lulls.

    That is who we are together. I cannot stop feeling them. I was really prepared for the worst going into this book. I saw this series as starting off amazingly great but then going downhill. I am so pleasantly surprised. Set loose the imaginings and emotions of a mortal man. And there is no closing it ever again. Because that would mean losing you. There is no choosing between them.

    I love that Alyssa understands that there is no changing Morpheus, that to love him is to love even the downright cunning, most wicked parts of him. She does not make him gentle, docile. She makes him even more crazy and cunning. Just as he does to her. I even love that Alyssa loves Jeb without ever wishing he were a little more like Morpheus — magical and unruly. So bravo, , Ms. Bravo, indeed. Jeb who?

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    Give me Morpheus, gosh darn it! I only care about him being with Alyssa! May 07, A. Supinger rated it it was amazing. Anita wrote an escapist's dream series. The characters make tragic, crazy, and sometimes even wise choices. The flaws make the characters, in my opinion, just as much as the triumphs. But Anita's ability to stay true to her story is what leaves her mark upon readers. Instead, she took her fate in her own hands, and I think most fans will delight in where she ended the story.

    I know I did. Oh, and Mothy is as hawt as ever Sep 12, Angela marked it as to-read Shelves: january , retellings , fantasy. Feeling conflicted because of the cover Jun 25, Rhyn G marked it as to-read. I swear to God, if the author kills off Morpheus I'm gonna lose my shit. No joke. Sep 28, Aqsa rated it it was ok.

    Dec 13, Jessi Novel Heartbeat rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-own , 5-star , cover-lust , want-signed. What a glorious end to an amazing series!! There were certain scenes where I was just like ….. I love th What a glorious end to an amazing series!! How I love him!! As always, I was blown away by his depth of caring for Alyssa. And most of all, he recognized her strength. As I mentioned in my review of Unhinged , he never doubted that she could handle herself.

    I loved that!! Not so fun being on the other side of one, is it? I cannot imagine anything more delicious than peeling away your defenses, layer by layer, baring your precious…. Oh, little Jeb. And in the beginning, I kind of hated him. He was really digging that hole! He was proud of her for finding a way. But Morpheus is still better! I was like Wait, what?! No way. Then he got thrown into the acid fountain, and I knew there had to be something else going on. No way would Jeb die! And wait, do I actually care about that?! What is happening?! I also thought it was awesome that Jeb repainted Wonderland!

    It was so beautiful, you guys! That gets bonus points from me! I thought it was perfect! Although, I can see where people could have a problem with it. Despite the fact that I loved it, I still have my reservations about it morally. But this is fantasy and I do enjoy a HEA as much as the next girl does! The breath of the sea and the cannonade of a storm.

    This review was originally posted on Novel Heartbeat. To see a breakdown of my assessment, please visit the full review on my blog. Dec 29, Anna Banks rated it it was amazing.

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    Just read it! Shelves: 1st-person-pov , alice-re-tellings , re-tellings , star-crossed-lovers , favorite-of-the-series , didn-t-end-with-ship , favorites , ships , girl-protagonist , death. What an amazing ending for an amazing series. Now that Alyssa managed to shun all the neatherlings from the human world, she has to return to Wonderland for the final battle between her and Queen Red and more importantly for rescuing the people that she loved.

    Before she does that however she has to find a way to get back since the rabbit hole vanished.

    So she has to get help from the only person that knows his way around Wonderland better than anyone. Someone that managed to go through the human W What an amazing ending for an amazing series. Someone that managed to go through the human World to elsewhere to Wonderland without any help. With the help of her father, Alyssa finds herself once again infront of Queen Red and this time she will make sure that she will win the battle once and for all. The first thing that draw me to this series, was the book covers. I mean Still, I was apprehensive about picking them up since it wasn't really a popular series and the people who had read them, weren't really thrilled with it.

    So I had this awkward dance with them contemplating about buying them and then I did.

    They still were sitting on my shelf for a couple of years before I finally started reading them and Oh. Why hadn't I started them sooner? It had quite a bit of madness into it and had it's dark moments, but not enough to give you the creeps. Another "villain" that you just have to love more than the "nice guy". They were more like gory, creepy little humanoid things. I basically loved everything about this series and if you're looking for an amazing Alice in Wonderland retelling, look no further.

    And if you have read or seen or heard of Please let me know! Jun 17, Clarissa marked it as to-read. LOVE the colours on this, but ugh Jeb. Why, can't we just have another Morpheus cover I'm currently in the middle of Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo and I got to talking with a friend of mine and I feel slightly more worried going into this book now. Again this relationship is just one of those situations where it's so much more than a simple disliking for one of the points of the love triangle even though like with Mal, I detest Jeb aussi.

    You simply have to look at the way Alyssa is with the both of these guys and there's just no comparing who she could be and the life she could live if she ends up with Morpheus, or even just ends up on her own for crying out loud. To me Jeb parallels Mal to a tee, and that bothers me, it bothers me a lot. I dislike the childhood friends turned lovers trope and it just does nothing for me.

    I like mystery, darkness, and complexity in my characters. Rant done, but at this point it looks like I'll just have to be a bit more hesitant by the time this book rolls around. To gain control of or an advantage over by or as if by trapping: catch , enmesh , ensnarl , entrap , snare , tangle , trammel , trap , web. He was ensnared by her beauty. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? The ball at Ashby Park takes place on Tuesday, you know; and mamma thinks it very likely that Sir Thomas will propose to me then: such things are often done in the privacy of the ball-room, when gentlemen are most easily ensnared , and ladies most enchanting.

    View in context. I cannot imagine what he sees in me to care for, though he is evidently ensnared by my charms. Take up the spear and shield and arise to help us; confound and put to shame those who have devised evil against us, may they be before the faces of Thy faithful warriors as dust before the wind, and may Thy mighty Angel confound them and put them to flight; may they be ensnared when they know it not, and may the plots they have laid in secret be turned against them; let them fall before Thy servants' feet and be laid low by our hosts View in context.

    He hunted with them as in days gone by, and when they found that his superior reason guided him to the best food sources, and that his cunning rope ensnared toothsome game that they seldom if ever tasted, they came again to look up to him as they had in the past after he had become their king. Or, to hit the case still more nearly, he felt the same compunction with a bawd, when some poor innocent, whom she hath ensnared into her hands, falls into fits at the first proposal of what is called seeing company. And he possessed all manner of gifts which cannot he told, and these then ensnared him through the devising of Athene.

    Foreign policy. Ensnared provides a fulfilling ending to the Splintered trilogy.